Hamilton Boys High school

Hamilton Boys’ High school is located on a picturesque 50 acre campus with a 10 minute walk to Hamilton city centre and the University of Waikato. The school caters for 2200 secondary school boys from Year 9 – Year 13 (13 years – 19 years old). Many special programmes are available for individual students, whatever their level of ability. The school offers additional tuition for students before and after school on request throughout the year for free. There are also ESOL classes available at all levels for international students to ensure that each international student has the opportunity and support to realize their academic and co-curricular aspirations. Hamilton Boys High school offers NCEA, CIE and IELTS preparation and scholarship examinations. It has a $6.5 million fitness training centre and outstanding coaches to support the school’s sports teams such as rugby, rowing, hockey and cricket

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